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Hoi An, Vietnam

A Beautiful Small City

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Hoi An is BEAUTIFUL. I can't say anything else that will capture this town, but it is amazing.

We stayed at a really nice hotel in Hoi An, with a sweet pool and free breakfast in the morning each day. We rented motorbikes early in the morning and went to the beach for a few hours of just relaxing. It was a beautiful beach that stretched forever in each direction, with palm trees and chairs to lay on.



After a few hours we wandered the streets near the beach and went shopping. Hoi An is known for custom clothing and tailors, and they make everything within a few hours. I had a new bathing suite made for me, top and bottom, for only $20 USD. It was done by the end of the night, fits perfect, and I've already used it in HaLong Bay and it heldup all day and night! I half expected it to fall apart by the end of the first hour, but it is a really nice bathing suit. I am very happy with it.

And then the adventures started in Hoi An...

If you don't know, motorbikes have secret compartments under the seats, so when you are driving you can put bags or towels or whatever else in them. The trick is, you open them with your key, by turning it the wrong way in the ignition, which opens the hatch. The problem arises when your keys are in your bag, which ends up under the seat, which locks automatically when closed...

Yes- I locked my keys under my seat of the motorbike which I rented. So now what? Does the hotel have a spare set of keys? No... Can we break into the compartment? No... Time to jump on the back of Kourtneys bike, and find a locksmith! We had to drive 5 miles back to town center, as Kourtney was driving and I was taking pictures of the sites and fields we went by. First stop was the hotel, where they told us who we were looking for. Then we drove into the market area, we found a locksmith who hopped on his motorbike and followed up back 5 miles to the beach, and he only took about 5 mins to open up my bike. Luckily it only cost like $5 (thanks to the hotel telling me which locksmith to go to) and we were back in action on our bikes!

After that escapade, we took our bikes into Old Town Hoi An, about a 15min motorbike ride, where the buildings are beautiful painted yellow, with trees all over, and vines around the windows. We walked around, saw temples, a show of local dances, and of course walked through hundreds of shops.


Here are a few things you wouldn't find back home, but are all over Hoi An:
Ladies balancing fruit plates on their shoulders....
Overloaded boats... no joke these boats were packed full of people and motorbikes...
Live chickens on the back of motorbikes...


We ended the night with dinner by the river at sunset, and of course we got Banana Pancakes for dessert later in the night. I know I've said this before, but Hoi An is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen in my life.


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