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Fun Facts about EH

Taking a break from the tour....

Now that I have shown some of campus, I think it is time for some fun facts about Eusoff Hall.

1) We don't have dyers... But who needs them?
Yes, after doing laundry we hang our clothes outside on lines. It is covered by a roof so the rain doesn't affect them at all, and you can leave them there for days at a time without anything happening to them.

2) We have a pet cat... and I don't know her name.
She is actually a homeless cat that wanders to our dorm each night. Some students buy her catfood, and some nights she even sneaks into the cafeteria and students steal food for her to feed her. She is the nicest cat I have ever met, if you stand near her, she will get up and come lay down on your feet until you pet her!

3) We have a "multi-purpose court"... right outside my window.
The local kids LOVE sports, and they play all hours of the night. My favorite to watch is some crazy Malaysian sport that resembles volleyball with a net and 6 people on each side (I don't actually know the rules...). Except you can't use hands! You use your feet and head and chest to pass the ball over the net, and you can spike it like a header in soccer. They are SO good at this game, it is crazy.


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