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Funny Signs in Singapore

I'm not sure why some of these are necessary...

I am almost completely over my sickness, with just a lingering cough and stuffy nose left. My fever is completely gone, I am off my Malaria medicine and I am no longer taking the 4 other medicines the health center gave me! I am happy to be able to leave my room and go to class and see my friends again. With all that being said, I still have not been able to leave campus due to the work I have been trying to make up, so I don't have any new things to share with you all.

However, I have a collection of funny signs I have seen in Singapore, and would like to share a few. Enjoy:

I have NEVER seen a peacock in Singapore....

Please don't catch wild birds....?

Slightly different than our "no trespassing" signs.. but it gets the point across

Just one of the THOUSANDS of signs posted with fines listed, this one is in the MRT

These Anti-Bus "Captain" Abuse signs are in EVERY bus.. multiple times...
Do bus drivers get abused often?

Why does my hall need a casualty collection point?

"Have a nice day"

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