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Markets and Dance Class

Beautiful Central Market, Beautiful Temples and HipHop Dancing

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Monday we woke up and took a trip to a few different markets. First we visited the Russian market, where you can find anything you’ve ever dreamed of. They had shirts and pants and shoes and bags and fabrics and table cloths and placemats and paintings and wood carvings and little collectable things and I can’t even remember everything they had! After the Russia market we went to Central market, located right in the middle of the city. Unlike many places in Phnom Penh, this market has a happy history behind the building. This is the market where many people came to find lost family members after the Vietnamese took over the Khmer Rouge rule, where people were reunited with loved ones. The center of the market has a huge bright yellow dome, carved out to allow sunlight in. Outside of the yellow center there are even more shops set up under makeshift roofs and big umbrellas. Once again, everything you can possibly imagine was being sold at this market.


Driving home from shopping, Ann took a shortcut to the house through some parking lots, back roads and residential areas. As we were driving, all of the sudden a beautiful temple came into view. I asked her what it was, and if I could go see it, and she said that these buildings are scattered all around town. She said they aren't considered special to anyone who lives there because there are so many of them around. I was shocked, so I still got out to take pictures because I had never seen anything else like it just sitting in the middle of a residential area!


After shopping, we went back over to the shelter, this time for a dance class. Leah volunteers to teach hiphop dance class each Monday to the girls. The girls were so cute, especially the really young girls trying to learn the dance moves. There was one girl just sitting to the side watching the dance class so I tried getting her to join us, I didn’t realize at the time she was deaf and couldn’t hear the music. However, she did get up with me and tried to follow the moves without any music! She also showed me her bed, where there was a big sign language chart she has been learning and pictures she has drawn hanging on the wall. She wanted to use my camera, and looked through all the pictures I had taken around Phnom Penh. She started telling me which places she had visited before; she knew all the markets and major landmarks that I had taken pictures of.


Once my camera was out, all the girls wanted pictures taken with each other, so they were getting into groups asking me to take their pictures with Ann or myself. After dance class the girls got dinner and we went back to the house. The night ended with a dinner out at an Indian restaurant, and then falling asleep after an exhausting few days.

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