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Monday we spent the morning in Singapore, but it rained all day before our flight to Bali in the afternoon. The clouds were black, and you couldn't even see across the bay to the rest of the city! We took a few pictures from the top of the Skypark, but the pool was above the clouds so you can't see anything at all.


We had a flight in the afternoon to Bali, Indonesia where we checked into the Ayodya Resort. By the time we got there it was already past dark, as the flight is about 3 hours long, so we grabbed some dinner and wandered around before crashing for the night.

The lobby of our resort was amazing, but it was so big it was hard to capture in just one picture. It had high ceilings and was all open air on the sides. There were statues all around the grounds, with a huge one in the center of the lobby. There were pillars up to the ceiling with lights on every single one. We walked down to the beach but couldn't see much in the dark.


Tuesday we spent all day at the Resort, on the beach, and by the pool. The sun was shining all day with no clouds in the sky, and it was wicked hot. We spent a lot of time in the water, which was about 80 or 85 degrees, and the waves were pretty big making it more fun. The beach itself was amazing, it went on forever in both directions. There were ladies selling beach dresses, tshirts, and wraps walking up and down the beach to the different resorts.

We walked along the beach to some of the other resorts and found a water slide at one, and of course I had to go down it! Some of the resorts had shopping areas that we walked through, but were very expensive, and some had multiple pools surrounded by gardens that were beautiful.

This area of resorts was considered protected and safe, as there were guards to get into any of the hotels, but once you ventured out into the rest of the island (or even just too far down the beach) the guards disappeared.

At the end of the beach there is a point of rocks out into the ocean where the waves crashed and then splashed high into the air. We walked down and tried to get some pictures but had to turn back before making it all the way out to the end. The next day my parents both made it out to the point, when the waves were much bigger, and got some pictures of the water shooting up. It was absolutely amazing, and I had never seen anything like it. The cliffs themselves were about 60 feet high, and the water was shooting was above them everytime a wave came in.

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