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Mom and Dad Arrive in Singapore

After a day and a half of flying...

My parents are both officially in Singapore! They left Burlington early Wednesday morning (the 14th), and got in tonight at about 11:30pm (the 15th). I took the MRT over to meet them, and they were already waiting for me. At Changi Airport, once you get off the plane, you pass through customs which are very quick, then you go to baggage claim, and then you walk out the door - much like arriving at Burlington, but nothing like arriving internationally in America. There is no seconds customs check of your baggage. So when my parents told me to meet them at midnight, they had factored in more time for security that doesn't exist.

Singapore is directly on the other side of the world, so it is actually about the same distance to go East (over Europe, the Middle East and Asia) as it is to go West (over Canada, Russia and into China). They flew from Burlington, to Chicago, to Hong Kong, to Singapore, which is the same flight I took on my way over. On my way home however, I will be flying from Singapore to Qatar, then New York and Burlington. This means I will officially travel around the world!

After getting checked into their hotel, we got some food at a 24 hour Muslim Restaurant, which was their first time eating Roti Prata. I'm not sure exactly what Prata is made of, but its a really thin dough that is folded over and filled with stuff, and then cooked on a stove top. I usually get egg, cheese, garlic or a combination of those inside of the Prata. Overall, it is my favorite new food for Singapore, and they both really liked it too.

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