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9/11 in Singapore

Being the only American in my group of friends...

As we are 12 hours ahead in Singapore, it is already mid afternoon on September 11th. Ten years after the attacks, all the News from home is about remembering the events, the stories of survival and about those that lost their lives. As an American, we are often reminded of that day ten years ago. This morning I went out to breakfast with my friends from Canada, and they didn't realize what today was. I told them about the memorials taking place at home, and when I started talking I realized they had no idea of the significance of it all.

My friend told me all she knew that that some airplanes got hijacked, a lot of people died, and that New York and the Pentagon were hit. When I started talking about the memorials in Pennsylvania, she asked me why there was anything there, saying she thought everyone on that plane had lived. When I told her that no one on any airplane had lived, she started talking about an airplane crash in a field where survivors got up and walked away fine. I'm pretty sure she was talking about the crash from the late 80's near Sioux City, Iowa where the plan suffered engine failures and loss of hydraulics, and crashed into a field but somehow most people survived the explosions and the plane ripping apart. Although that is a fairly famous plane crash, I could not believe she was mixing up those events.

She had no idea how many people lost their lives on that day, and how it changed our country. I never thought about how different my perspective would be from others on a day such as this. I always knew that Americans would be the most connected to the events, as our country is most involved, but I always thought my friends would at least understand what happened. I was really surprised to learn how little people outside of the US knew about that day, and how little it had affected their lives.

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