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Life with Lizards

They are everywhere in Singapore

At home I have a serious problems with spiders in my life. When one is in my room, or in my window, or in the bathroom/shower, or anywhere around me I have to call someone for help before I can move on with whatever I was doing. I have yet to see a spider since arriving in Singapore, and I'd really like to keep it that way. However, lizards are everywhere.

Yesterday alone I had two lizard encounters. First, a lizard ran into my shower from the outside window. He just chilled on the wall and walked slowly around as I finished up, and never did anything to scare me. I don't mind lizards so much as long as they don't begin to run. As might be expected, they are super fast, which makes them super scary. Also, they can jump pretty far (like from one wall of the shower to the other). Lucky for me, this lizard was a nice one who just wanted to hang out.

Now, when I arrived back at my door, I went to grab my door handle and it began to move (not a good sign). A lizard was waiting for me, and proceeded to run in circles on my door. I figured eventually he would just run to the wall or the floor, but he wouldn't leave. The last thing I want is a lizard living in my room, so I refused to open my door until he left me alone. He sat on my door looking at my for half an hour! I was even talking to him, asking him to please let me inside, but he wouldn't listen. The girl in the room next to me came out and asked if I was ok (I was talking to a lizard...) but said she was too afraid to try and catch him for me. So I just sat there and watched. Luckily, he eventually let me inside and ran to the other wall.

This is what it is like living with lizards.

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