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My room here isn't as awesome as my room at home


My room at home is bright yellow with a tie-dyed bedspread, with posters and pictures all over, and my dorm room at Clarkson has a Rainbow Polka Dot bedspread with even more posters and pictures than at home. I have a sad report that my room in Asia does not really resemble either of those places. For starters, there's no way I could have brought any of that with me, my suitcases were filled to the top already. Secondly, anything I buy here for my room I will probably end up throwing out before I go back to the US. And lastly, although my bed is my favorite part of my room at home and I love getting blankets and pillows of all colors to have with me when I sleep, it is about 90 degrees here every night with humidity close to 100%. Therefore, I have NOTHING for my bed, as I would never ever use it. So here are a few pictures of the most boring room I have ever lived in.

However, unlike Clarkson or at home, I am rarely ever in my room. I only come back to sleep at night, and I spend all my time in class, at the library, in my friends rooms or out in the City of Singapore. No, my room does not have air conditioning, and neither do any of my friends. I hear there are a few select rooms on campus with it, but the rent is about double in price. Having said that, there is one thing here that I would love to have at home, a ceiling fan. They are amazing and I have come to love them in the heat.

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