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Sushi Dinner

It was only a matter of time living in Asia


My friends insisted I go to a Sushi Dinner with them last night, despite them being fully aware I am not a sushi fan. They told me I had to go to sushi at least once while in Asia, but agreed that I was allowed to eat the non-fish sushi rolls. My friends here always laugh at me because I live off of raw fruits, vegetables and plain rice. And at all costs I avoid the fish and meat that is served in most areas (not a surprise for anyone who knows me at home). Despite what people may think, I've never had a problem finding food here: most days I find a salad and fresh fruits to eat. Also, there are a lot of eggs served with dishes, and I have a giant jar of peanut butter in my room (which is also not a surprise for anyone who knows me at home).

The place we went had sushi with just vegetables in the middle: cucumbers, avocado and corn wrapped up in rice, so for the first time I had Sushi for dinner. Of course my friends ordered all sorts of fish and whatever else comes in the middle, so we ended up having a table full of different sushi rolls. We had Matcha tea served to us, and the whole Japanese experience was actually a lot of fun.

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