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Singapore's Horse Racing Track

Friday night we decided to go to the Singapore Horse Racing Track. Most of my friends from the UK, or various other parts of Europe, go to horse races all the time at home and wanted to check it out. Bailey and I met up with them straight from class, wearing our usual shorts and tanktops for the Singapore weather. However, all the girls and guys from Europe were dressed up, like you would see people at the Kentucky Derby (minus the crazy hats). Luckily for us, upon arrival the Singapore Turf Club we found it was not exactly what the Europeans are used to, and most people were in old T-shirts and shorts. It seemed they only cared about the gambling and not the actual horses in the race.

Most of my friends were betting on the races, but it took us a few rounds to really understand how the betting works. Unlike most horse races, you do not get the odds that were true when you placed the bet. Instead, everyone gets the same odds as determined right before the race begins. Therefore, it is better to hold out on betting until the last possible minute. After we figured this out, we also realized there were several different types of bets that could be placed. It was really funny to watch my friends trying to figure out the Singapore system, as apparently horse races in the UK are a much bigger deal and the betting system is entirely different. For those of us who hadn't been to horse races, it was a fun experience for a night.

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