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First Day of School

Classes have to start sometime...

Thursday and Friday were the first days of Class for the semester. Granted I wish this was just a 5 month long vacation, I do have a reason to be here.

My first class was MA2334, Probability and Statistics for Engineers. While I am used to being one of the few girls in my classes even at home, this was the first time I was the only non-Asian person, and the fact I have blonde hair really made me stand out. My second class made this even more apparent. ME3112, or Mechanics of Machines, has about 400 students in one big lecture hall. Once again I was one of the few girls and most definitely the only blonde. When I took my seat, about 5 of the people in my row turned and looked at me like I was completely lost and that just made me laugh. Luckily in ME3122, or Heat Transfer, there are about 5 other exchange students that I was able to sit with.

So far the classes seem on par with classes from home. My statistics teacher studied at Berkeley, so his English is very good. On the other hand, my Heat Transfer teacher grew up and studied in Malaysia, so he is shaky at times. The nice thing here is all lecture notes are posted online before the class, so it makes following the teachers much easier. I'm not sure I would be able to take good notes if this were not the case.

The only class I have not started is GE2226, or Geography and Societies of Southeast Asia. I looked at the first lecture notes and I can already tell this is going to be a very difficult class. I know nothing going into it, but I hope to learn a lot before I leave Singapore.

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