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Koh Phi Phi


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Koh Phi Phi is amazing. This is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Thailand and it is not hard to see why. A two hour ferry from Phuket puts you in crystal clear water and sunny blue skies.

When Marshal, Nicole and I arrived on the island from the ferry, we set off to find the guys I was supposed to meet up with the night before- Josh, Ryan and George. This is the group I traveled with for the next week. Luckily they were still at the hotel when we arrived, so we dropped our stuff off, went to the beach for an hour and then got some lunch.


Lunch was the funniest experience I have ever had in a restaurant. They had a menu of everything you could possibly imagine, but it turns out they didn't actually have anything in the restaurant. We all ordered smoothies, and they biked to the closet smoothie store and bought them for us and brought them back! Two people got garlic bread to split, and they went and bought frozen garlic bread and then we watched them heat it up in the microwave! We should have realized that the cheapest place on the island was too good to be true, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on Long Beach, which was on the opposite side of the island from our resort. Koh Phi Phi Don, the island we stayed at and the bigger of the Koh Phi Phi islands, has a really narrow straight in the middle of the island, where you can walk from one beach to the other in about 10mins. However, on either end the island gets pretty big, so you have to take boats or tuk tuk's to get around.

We got to take a long boat over and back, with a super cool long boat driver (check him out!). The beach was nice, white sand and clear water. There was a reef right off shore so there were loads of fish swimming around, when you walked into the water they started to circle around you! We bought some really cheap snorkel equipment and shared it throughout the afternoon.


We stayed here until the sun went down, and it started to get stormy. We went back to our hotel, changed up for the night and then went out for dinner. We had dinner at a Muay Thai boxing arena, which was crazy. We sat there for a few hours watching different boxing matches. They had some guys who worked there fighting, and those fights were scary, but they also allowed people from the crowd to challenge each other. The winner got a free bucket (yes- they drink alcohol out of buckets in Thailand).

We saw a really funny fight between two 20-something year old guys who were clearly drunk, and appeared to be best friends. In between rounds they were dancing to the music and jumping into the springs that line the sides of the arena. They were trash talking each other and just being ridiculous but they were really entertaining.

Then we watched two girls fight, who were the biggest two girls I have ever seen in my life - on the first punch one girl got a bloody nose! I was challenged by someone, but lucky for me I was able to turn it down without having to fight some random girl in Thailand.



After watching the Muay Thai, we went back to the beach! I had been warned by Bailey that the beach gets crazy at night, and I should not wear any clothes I ever want to wear again. She lent me the dress she wore when she came in October and she wasn't kidding, within seconds of arriving, I was covered in glow-paint from head to toe.

This was the best beach party I have ever been to, with crazy lights, loud music and tons of people. And it wasn't just one club on the beach, as far as I could see there were bars open with music blaring, crazy lights and of course glow paint. The glow paint made things ten times more fun, we kept drawing on each other more and more as the night progressed.

We were up until 4am, when the parties start to shut down and the music gets cut off. We wandered back to our hotel and went to bed for the night.


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